What is Metaweave.xyz ?

Metaweave is an on chain and decentralised social network hosted on arweave’s blockchain. 

The fact that the application is fully stored on the blockchain makes it more reliable : it doesn’t depends on any centralised infrastructure to be online and makes it censorshipproof because you’re posts are stored on an immutable storage it means that even the developers of the app (us) can’t delete what you post here.

That’s one of the thing that makes Metaweave a users-owned social network. Here you’re truly responsible of the content you bring.

Why are we doing it ?

The idea behind Metaweave is to offer the world a media that can be the voice of everyone permanently. Moreover the new paradigm of web 3 is to be transparent that’s why from the app you can always find back the transaction corresponding to each post.

We aim to provide you a familiar environment with UX based on the standards used by the major platforms that already exists while integrating more features and incentives according the web3 new paradigm. As a result, we built our UX in order that you always know what’s happenning while interacting with the blockweave. 

The center of arweave's ecosytem

Metaweave is a community driven project as a result we integrated arconnect for the login, vertoID profiles and community.xyz. That’s the other point that makes Argora a user owned social network. The integration of community.xyz allows you to create a PSC and give away PSTs with voting power on Metaweave.

When you create a community on Argora it creates a Profit Sharing Community on community.xyz and give you PSTs associated that you can freely give away to other arweavers. At the moment, those PSTs enable vote for a new banner and description.

If you’re interested in the use of communities please check our tutorial here


They trust us