Previous permanent versions (changelog) (Beta)
  • Add arweave-account protocol
  • Add profile unique handle
  • Bugs fix
  • New name: becomes
  • New layout and color scheme.
  • Full screen feed and swipeable navigator on mobile.
  • Bridge Metaweave -> Twitter.
Argora (Beta)
  • Add a list of the latest claimed communities
  • Correct “No-one answered to this Weeve yet.” to “No one has responded to this Weeve yet.” (thanks to g0)
  • Community description takes carriage returns in consideration.
  • UI style enhancement
  • Security updates
  • New protocol
  • New layout
  • integration
  • Personal timelines
  • Likes
  • Planets are now named “communities”
  • No border when hover on a weave
  • User analytics
  • bug fix
  • debug youtube iframe on mobile
  • make url weeved by users clickable
  • integrate tenor links
  • Try another color scheme
  • youtube links integration
  • The search bar can be used to search for an user wallet or a verto ID
  • A dynamic information label in the search bar
  • Illustrations added
  • timeline query loop optimization
  • bug fix: text overflow on Apple products
  • mobile/tablet UI compatibility
  • timeline bug fix when going from one planet to another
  • Patch: Switching from different planet and The Metaweave occasionally mixed both timelines on the page.
  • VertoID implementation on users profile and posts
  • Add an informational message when the timeline is empty
  • “Toot” is replaced by “Weeve”
  • fix UI bug when weeving a new message
  • “Metaweave” is now “The Metaweave”
  • You can now post into custom channels called planets
  • Users can post on their personal timeline
  • Users can post from their timeline
  • Code reduction and optimizations
Open Web Foundry #4