How do I log in to Metaweave.xyz ?

It’s pretty simple actually !  You log in to Metaweave with the Arconnect wallet that works as a web browser extension. Each profile on Metaweave is actually an arweave address.

You do not need to guve us any personal information such as your e-mail address, your phone number or your name.

How do I create a profil ?

We integrated VertoID this means if you created a VertoID in the past you already have a profile on metaweave.xyz even if it’s your first time here.  For those who do not you can create a VertoID here.

How to get some $AR ?

You can use arweave’s faucet or you can also buy $AR and send it to your wallet from major platforms such as Binance, Bittrex, everfinance

What are communities ?

Communities are dedicated timelines that you can directly search for, create and claim. When you create a community on Metaweave.xyz it  creates a Profit Sharing Community (PSC) on community.xyz and gives you Profit Sharing Token (PSTs) associated that you can freely give away to other arweavers.

How do I interract with communities ?

Firstly you can use the search bar to see if the community you’re searching is already active and claimed.

If not once on the community page click the claim community button.

To be able to submit votes and govern your community you need to go on your community page on community.xyz to lock your community tokens (PSTs).

To know more about communities you can check our dedicated tutorial here.

Where are my data stored ?

When you post on Metaweave.xyz it makes a transaction that uploads its content on the Blockweave. Through the our interface you can Tx corresponding to each posts.